Tommy Parnell

Tommy Parnell

Web Applications Developer

About Me

Ops turned Dev. I love solving huge web problems, and creating tools for other developers . I often code in C#, or JavaScript but I am open to using any language/technology. I really enjoy working with cloud technologies I have a long history of developing robust systems at scale, with a focus on Continuous Integration.

On my free time I like to play guitar, and tinker with open source projects

Work Experience

Software Engineer II (2015 - Present)

I work on the gallery team at Vistaprint. We built a platform where designers can create discoverable content with multi-hierarchical filterable dimensions.

  • Built on React.js, ES6, and Redux. I worked on our very client side heavy SPA.
  • Maintained and improved our dotnet, and dotnet core based backends.
  • I was part of an effort to reduce our page load time on average by 2 seconds. I rewrote, and optimized many slow functions
  • I lead the charge on our transition to the cloud brining in Terraform and Docker for our microservices, and utilizing Puppet, and Packer for our non-dockerized systems
  • I championed configuration as code for our cloud accounts. All of our infrastructure from jenkins jobs, to cloud infrastructure was defined with code.
React.js, Backbone.js, Gulp, Rake, Ruby, Jenkins, nodejs, webpack, AWS, Puppet, Jenkins, ElasticSearch, Linux, Docker and c#.

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Lead Systems Engineer (2011 - 2015)

Devops Engineer, Technical lead for our Monitoring team

Monitoring the health of and providing support for Vistaprint's globally-distributed production infrastructure.
Creating, implementing, and maintaining tools, automation, and applications to support infrastructure and other internal teams.

  • Wrote and maintained a custom monitoring platform written in C#
  • Wrote our own version of pagerduty in C#
  • Created tooling to support the uptime of our infrastructure
  • Built tools and processes to aid in our efforts of triaging large problems
C#, SQL, IIS, SCOM, Nagios, PowerShell, Windows.


B.S. Information Technology

Southern New Hampshire University (2012-2014)

A.S. Information Technology

GreatBay Community College (2010-2012)


C# Specialist (Programming in c# 70-483)

Microsoft 2015

MSFT Technology Associate (.NET Fundamentals 98-372)

Microsoft 2015

Fiber Optic Technician

Fiber Optic Association 2010

Certified Fiber Optic Specialist /H (CFxT)

Fiber Optic Association 2010

Certified Premises Cabling Technician (CPCT)

Fiber Optic Association 2010

Advanced Fiber Optics Technician (AFOT)

Fiber Optic Association 2010