Tommy Parnell

Tommy Parnell

Web Applications Developer

About Me

Ops turned Dev. I love solving huge web problems, and creating tools for other developers . I often code in C#, or JavaScript but I am open to using any language/technology. I really enjoy working with cloud technologies, and utilizing the latest Continuous Integration techniques. Lately I have been really interested in Elixir, Node.js, and the new streams API for Java

On my free time I like to play guitar, and tinker with open source projects

Work Experience

Software Engineer II (2015 - Present)

Software engineer for vistaprint's gallery, and keyword search platform
Javascript, C#, Ruby, Bower, Grunt, Rake, MVC 6, SQLServer, Backbone.js, React.js, Jenkins, AWS, ElasticBeanstalk

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Lead Systems Engineer (2011 - 2015)

Devops Engineer, Technical lead for our Monitoring team

Monitoring the health of and providing support for Vistaprint's globally-distributed production infrastructure.
Creating, implementing, and maintaining tools, automation, and applications to support infrastructure and other internal teams.
C#, SQL, IIS, SCOM, Nagios, PowerShell, Windows.

Latest Projects